Currently Available Puppies:

No puppies available currently.

Next bernese litters will be available in late 2020/ early 2021.


We've taken deposits that will take us thru fall 2020 for both breeds.

If you're willing to wait til winter or possibly early 2021 for your bernese puppy, then give us a shout.

Completely overwhelmed with dachshund inquiries, so I'm very sorry but I can't try to  respond to queries about timing and pricing thru these summer months.

Hopefully things will calm down soon, as it hurts my soul to ignore emails from people, but it's not reasonable to spend hours answering when we don't have enough pups for anyone else for months to come.

The demand this spring is like nothing we've ever experienced.

Please forgive me if my response is a couple of days or if I've not responded.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to check us out and consider placing a deposit to speak for a pup from one of our planned litters. 

CONTACT US: email Jen at: [email protected]

or phone: 519-586-9308

 (If using Google Maps you can simply type in "Windever Kennel")

Windever Kennel

143 2nd Concession Rd

Port Rowan, Ontario

N0E 1M0

Feel free to contact us for a list of previous puppy buyers who have offered to give references.