At Windever we have no Bernese puppies available at this time.

Breeding for spring 2021

We do not have any available dachshunds at this time. 

Also looking to Springtime litters. 

Piebald Cream Male

Cream male

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to check us out and consider placing a deposit to speak for a pup from one of our upcoming litters. 

We feed and recommend TLC brand dog food. 

Made here in Ontario. (Support local!)

 Quality is one of the highest available and their service is also great. 

Shipping is free and it's a better value than common brands available in supermarkets. 

(Believe me, as breeders we do the research)

And bear in mind your vet will always recommend their brand as they get a cut of any sales. 

If you'd like to try it anyone is welcome to use our coupon code 32212-1025 to get $5 off your first order

View TLC website here

And since people often ask:  

The beds we use and can highly recommend as nearly indestructible are Kuranda brand beds.  

Ours are years old and the dogs just love them. 

We went thru lots of fluffy beds and cheaper brands before we realized their design is better & safer.

You can Click the bed below if you'd like to go to their website...

CONTACT US :  email Jen at : [email protected]​om

or phone: 519-586-9308

Windever Kennel

                   143 Concession 2 Road   (or Conc 2 Rd)

Port Rowan, Ontario

N0E 1M0

(If entering it into a GPS make sure the 2nd Concession that it selects doesn't have STR or NTR after the name)

Those are roads fairly nearby, but NOT our road.

If using Google Maps you can simply type in “Windever Kennel”

Feel free to contact us for a list of previous puppy buyers who have offered to give references.