Bernese Mountain Dogs

Meet our Bernese Family:

(Every of our breeding dogs is certified for healthy hips and elbows)


Sandylanes Tying Up the Dream

Ty is our primary stud.

OFA certified for healthy hips and elbows.

Also certified negative for Degenerative Myelopathy as well as VonWillebrands.


Marathon on Mars Alexberns

OFA certified for healthy hips and elbows.

Also certified negative for Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1B as well as VonWillebrands.

NorthernPaws Davos of Windever

Tucker is our newest young stud with all his clearances as well. And like all bernese, he'll be happy to sit on your feet!


Sandylane Westwind Nikita

Our first mother, unfortunately Niki has now crossed over the rainbow bridge...

She has been a really wonderful mother for us. We are so grateful to you Niki!

Sandylane Westwind MIYA (lived to be 11)

Miya and her littermate Niki were the start to our little kennel. It was such a pleasure to have these girls in our lives.

Windevers Dreamgirl ABBY

Abby is an imported & well-bred girl who is dual registered AKC/CKC.

She is our biggest girl at 95lbs and she is a loving and affectionate Bernese who just seems to know she's special.

Now passed over as well. 

Windevers Dream Long Coming (CRICKETT)

Crickett is our first home raised female (Miya's pup) and she is a happy go lucky energetic Berner. Her tail wags so hard it swings her from side to side and makes her stagger like she's inebriated!

(Now Retired and turning 10 in 2020)

Windevers Hopes and Dreams

Our chair stealing bernese that everyone remembers for sitting on the bench in the kennel and begging for hugs with her big paw.

Our littlest girl gifted us with our 2 largest litters ever! And she was such a great Mom!

(Now Retired and 9yrs old)

Foundation Dam: Hope's personality is the basis of most of the lines our breeding program.

She is so calm, confident and outgoing. 
She and her daughters pass on the sort of personalities that we are very proud to produce.


 Windevers Wishing on a STAR

We had always wanted to keep a puppy from Niki and here she is.

Star has the kind of calm and sweet personality that we are looking to have in our pups.

Star is our official greeter who loves everyone and will gently approach guests so calmly and quietly. 

And she might just wrap her leg around yours and hang on.

Malibu (Bu)

Windevers Malibu Dream

Bu is also Niki's pup and though we weren't looking to keep a pup from this litter, she had such a great temperament that we knew she had to stay. She is now passing on her super pretty looks to future generations of Windever pups.

Windevers Kyra

Kyra is a really nice natured and very friendly girl.

She may be 90 lbs but prefers to squeeze into the dachshund's little bed!

Kyra had to be retired in 2019 due to birthing issues. She's still here to greet you alongside her kids and grandkids. 

Windever's Dream Spirit

Spirit is a Hope and Chase puppy with her Mom's sweet, affectionate (& goofy) couch loving personality.


Spirit's Playboy pose

Windevers Phantom

"Fanny" Spirit's Pup and Hope's Granddaughter


Windevers Raven

Raven is a lovely young Mom and one of our bigger girls.

She'll squeal in delight when she sees someone she loves.


Windevers Mysha

Mysha is Crickett's pup and therefore Miya's granddaughter.

With real longevity showing on both sides of her pedigree, we decided she had to stay.

This girl is addicted to swimming in our ponds. 

Then she'll find me anywhere on the farm and shake it all off right behind me :-)

            Each dog below, either beautiful (or acting weird) is one of our past pups.

Thanks to everyone for sharing all these great photos!

A special Thank You to Dave Johnson with his real talent for photography.

Dave, we will so miss your happy Cooper updates and smiling face.

Jen & Ron