Our minis are under 11lbs.

We are on hold with the breeding of wirehairs at the moment...

Meet our mini

Wire Haired Dachshunds:

Windevers Lil Scamper (Scamp)

Scamp is our first mini wirehair stud. Black & Tan in color, he is a happy go lucky dog that is very outgoing with both people and other dogs.

Sniff'n'Tells Wee MYLEE

My 9lb shadow is Mylee, our first mini. A hilariously happy and snuggly little girl who loves to go everywhere and even kayak with me. Mylee comes from a top quality show kennel and we thank Catherine from Crocus Creek for allowing us to start with this girl.

Dachsforth Sniffntell Katt

Cody is the typical goofy wirehair personality. He can't get onto the couch without help, so he just about loses his mind when someone comes over and sits on the floor with him. One minute he's barking because they're a stranger, the next he's snuggled into their lap with a big doggie grin :)

Windevers Izzy Silver

Izzy is our first dapple dachshund. With a loving and playful personality she also really adds some fun colors to our litters.

CH Sulaatik's Mike "Gonzo"

Our latest new guy is Gonzo. He earned his Cdn Championship with Roaneden kennel and they were good enough to allow us to add him to our little family.